Advertising from local businesses when you are ready to buy!

On the internet you can find almost anything, anywhere in the world.

Until now, it was almost impossible to find the advertisments from local businesses.

Think about it! The Big Search Engines don't return local advertisements.

Introducting AdXplore...

AdXplore is a location-based mobile advertising platform where local businesses post their offers and advertisments on a map of your community. It's novel way people can find things and services for sale--by proximity.

AdXplore lets you search for specials and sales, businesses, and location-based mobile advertising agents. The results are returned to you sorted by distance from the search location you specify.

  • Find what you're looking for...nearby.
  • Support local businesses in your community.

Get started ... find something nearby today.

How It Works...

You move a dragmarker dragmarker and plunk it down anywhere on a Google map. Google calls this the dragmarker because you can mouse-down on it and drag it around.

When you drop the dragmarker, AdXplore immediately runs a search for you, centered at that location, and finds the closest advertisments in the category you choose.

Let's go ... find something nearby today.